Join the AFWA Board!

The AFWA Board is looking for a Membership Chair to help Recruit. Retain. Engage. our members and non-members!

Membership Chair:

The role of this leader is to empower and motivate members to invite others to join our organization. This is done first by capturing a value statement to express why an accounting or financial person would be interested in becoming a member. Reaching out to the other organizations and partnering with them. 

Membership Chair Responsibilities:

  • Attend all meetings, prepare nametags, and sign-in sheets
  • Responsible for follow-up calls/notes to potential new members
  • New application follow-up
  • Maintain chapter database and roster and regularly notify National of member changes
  • Send personalized “we’ve missed you” notes to past members 
  • Orient new members to benefits of AFWA
  • Follow-up on non-renewing members

You will gain: Marketing, Recruiting, and Networking skills. 

We also have Committee Positions available on the Communications, Programming, and Meeting Committees

Communications & Technology Committee:

  • Attend all meetings
  • Editing, publish, and distribute the monthly newsletter
  • Updatie email and mailing lists with potential members and past event attendees
  • Prepare news releases and event photos
  • Send out announcements on upcoming events and meetings
  • Pursue community involvement opportunities for chapter participation
  • Share all events and announcements on Social Media platforms and encourage Board Members to share with their peers
  • Update pages on the website


Programming Committee:

  • Attend all meetings
  • Select topic and obtain speaker for meetings and special events
  • Prepare and maintain speaker evaluation form and distribute at meetings
  • Assign someone to introduce speaker with speaker bio
  • Submit list of speakers to Communications & Technology Committee
  • Coordinate speaker audio/visual needs with Meeting Committee
  • Maintain CPE forms for membership


Meeting Committee:

  • Attend all meetings
  • Attend to meeting arrangements (location, menu, table setup, headcount)
  • Confirm reservation count to location
  • Provide location, date, time, and piricing to Communications & Technology Committee
  • Coordinate special events


Would you like to learn more?  Contact Maggie Shea at [email protected]