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Hatchets & Hops

May 07, 2020
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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Hatchets & Hops
505 Main St.
Buffalo, NY 14203
Venue website

Join AFWA for a thrilling night of Hatches and Hops! 

Seats are extremely limited, so please book today!

Date: May 07, 2020
Time: 5:30 pm


► Closed-toed shoes are required to throw. Loose clothing, hoodies, or brimmed hats will limit mobility.
► Follow ALL instructor directions to ensure the safety of all guest.
► Please enter the throwing bay only when directed by staff.
► Only cross the throwing line when both axes in your bay are at rest.
► Wait to throw until both participants in your bay are behind the throwing line.
► Always leave the axes in the throwing bay and place them on the throwing line after your round.
► Food and beverages remain outside of the throwing bays.
► Leave the fence shaking to the zoo animals.
► Please arrive sober and drink responsibly during your event.
► If you smoke, including e-cigarettes, please do so outside.
► Only axes provided by us can be used to throw.



Frequently Axed Questions

We get it. This whole axe throwing is really different. How does this all work? Let us take a crack at addressing some of the common questions that we get…

Do you serve alcohol?

The answer is yes! We have 8 rotating beer taps with at least one cider always flowing. We also serve 2 red wines, and 2 white wines! Beer and wine can be purchased the bar with cash or card.

Do you serve liquor?

We do not serve liquor, as we like to save the whiskey drinking for throwing axes in the woods.

I am hungry… feed me?

We have a full kitchen with items that will treat ya’ … if you have a large group you want to feed it is best to contact us ahead of time. Our kitchen has some limitations. Check out our menu HERE

How much is it?

The cost is $40 per person and covers a 2-hour throwing session. Each group has a highly trained axe throwing instructor that will lead you through practice, round robin, and a final tournament.

Is this a private club? Or can anyone just come by?

No, we are not a private club. While we do hold a lot of private events, like company holiday parties – we are open to the public just like a bowling alley (except cooler). But everything is group based and if you want to throw on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday — you’ve got to book your group in advance here.

If my group books a time slot, does that mean I’m having a private group experience?

Not at all! That’s just not how we do things. We operate our axe throwing sessions in a deliberately intimate club setting. The goal of the Hatchets & Hops experience is to bring people together, cross boundaries, and step outside of your comfort zone. We often combine small groups to optimize that experience. If you leave without making new friends, you’re doing something wrong!

Do I have to be a burly hulk of a man-bear to do this?

Not at all! This sport is truly accessible and isn’t a feat of strength. It’s about technique, paying attention to the instructors, and relaxing enough to enjoy yourself. The only thing we take super seriously is safety.

Can I come watch my friends if I am not throwing?

You can definitely come to watch – we have a capacity of 50 in the facility so as long as you don’t come with an entourage then we will happily serve you a beer and let you cheer on. With that being said – if there are spectators that put us overcapacity… throwers will always take precedence.

Tickets: $40.00 AFWA Member Ticket  // $42.00 AFWA Guest Ticket


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AFWA is looking for Speakers!

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to present to AFWA.  We typically are looking for Presentations that qualify for Continuing Education Credits and may include: Fraud, Tax, Professional Development, Ethics, etc.  Please contact us today!


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Volunteer Opportunities!

Child Care Resource Network (CCRN)

The Board of Directors of Child Care Resource Network (CCRN) is looking for new members to join the Board, specifically a CPA/accountant to serve on their Finance Committee. The Finance Committee oversees the work of the CFO, meets with the external auditors and reviews the annual budget as well as other related tasks. 

The Child Care Resource Network’s mission is to promote quality, affordable, accessible care and learning for all children by supporting and empowering families, caregivers, education professionals, and
employers. Their vision is for all children to have high-quality care and learning experiences, helping them to reach their full potential.

Please consider joining me to help this organization that is critical to our community here in Western New York and contact Mary Ellen Mitchell, if you are interested!


Interested in learning more about nonprofit Board service?  Ready to join a nonprofit board?  charitySTRONG offers training and support to both individuals and nonprofit organizations to strengthen governance.  See the attached brochure for more information or go to to learn more.

Find out more here!


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Do you have an Accounting/Finance job to post?

Our AFWA Members now have the opportunity to post jobs on the AFWA website for free!  These job postings stay posted for 3 months and they will reach the entire AFWA email list in the monthly e-Newsletters, in addition to, being posted on the website here for 3 months!  To start, click here, and sign in with your username and password!

Not a member? That's ok!  A non-member can post a job here for $50 for 3 months or you can become a member today!


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About AFWA

The mission of the Accounting and Financial Women's Alliance is to enable women in accounting, financial, and related fields to achieve their full personal, professional, and economic potential and to contribute to the future development of their profession.  Founded in 1938 to increase the opportunities for women in all fields of accounting and finance, members of the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) and their companies benefit from resources that accelerate their professional growth. The industry has evolved enormously for women in the past 75 years, with our organization smartly and passionately evolving with it, ahead of the curve, so that all women in accounting and finance can excel.

Learn More Here!

 Questions? Email our Membership Chair!


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AFWA National News


AFWA LEAP Advisory Council is now accepting applications from AFWA members 35 years old and under. LEAP provides a great opportunity for young professionals to get involved at a national level - and represent the voice of all emerging leaders in AFWA. Learn more

AFWA Discounts

AFWA partners with businesses and organizations to bring you added benefit to your AFWA membership through discounts on products and services.  Check out the discounts here!

AFWA Chapter Coach Program

The role of chapter coach will provide our experienced AFWA members an easy way to connect and share their experiences. This program will also provide our Chapters with important mentoring and support at a local level that has been missing without Regional Directors. We are now seeking volunteer members to become Chapter Coaches!  Learn more about Chapter Coaches

Women of Influence

Do you know of a Woman of Influence within AFWA’s membership? Our goal is to expand the Women of Influence community to include even more distinguished professional women. Download the application here.


As a benefit to your membership in AFWA, we offer free webinars to inspire you in your career and fast-pace your professional development. You can participate in any live webinar (most deliver 1 hour of CPE to live attendees) or you can view the webinar on demand at your convenience. Vsit the AFWA Events page to find out about upcoming webinars and events.


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