Membership Dues

Individual Membership Categories:

Note: there is a $25.00 application fee for new members that is not included in the prices below

  • Regular Member ($199 National + $41 Buffalo Chapter = $240 Total) – Holds a CPA certificate or equivalent or has two/more years of experience in accounting or finance or holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. Apply now for a Regular Membership
  • Affiliate Member ($199 National + $41 Buffalo Chapter = $240 Total) – Not actively engaged in the accounting or finance industry or has a substantial interest in accounting or finance. Apply now for an Affiliate Membership
  • Associate Member ($99 National + $11 Buffalo Chapter = $110 Total) – Regularly enrolled student or has fewer than 2 years of experience in accounting or finance. Apply now for an Associate Membership
  • Retired Member ($75 National + $41 Buffalo Chapter = $116 Total) – Member must meet specified qualifications to attain this status. Download the Retired Member Qualification form here.
  • Student Membership

Please note that to participate in the Buffalo Chapter, you must purchase both a national and Buffalo Chapter membership and you will be able to select the Buffalo Chapter during the application process.

Renewing your Membership?

Login to the AFWA Members Portal to complete your membership renewal application > login now. After logging in select "My Transactions" from the list on the left hand side. Next, select the tab for "My Memberships". In the detail below there will be a blue icon to "Renew Now".

Corporate Membership Information:

AFWA is proud to offer a Corporate Membership Program to companies that enroll 5 or more members at the same time. Individuals who become members under this plan will receive all the benefits of AFWA membership at a special discounted dues rate, and the company will be eligible to choose from several corporate bonuses. Check out our Corporate Member Brochure for more information.

Program Levels

LEVEL ONE (enroll 5-15 members):
  • All individuals receive a 20% discounted national dues rate (see above)
  • Annual processing fee: $30


LEVEL TWO (enroll 16-25 employees):

  • All individuals receive a 25% discounted national dues rate (see above)
  • Receive 1 Corporate Bonus
  • Annual processing fee: $75


LEVEL THREE (enroll 26 or more employees):

  • All individuals receive a 30% discounted national dues rate (see above)
  • Receive 2 Corporate Bonuses
  • Annual processing fee: $100
Corporate Bonuses
  • One AFWA Women Who Count National Conference full registration
  • One basic booth package at the AFWA Women Who Count National Conference (valued at $1400)
  • One article submission to AFWA monthly eNewsletter, Accountability
  • One Social Media Blast of your company’s message across AFWA social pages including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.



  • Company name on
  • Company name listed in AFWA annual Impact Report

If you have any questions at all, email our Membership Chair!

AFWA Membership Dues Refund Policy/Transfer Policy: No refunds are provided for membership dues paid to national or chapters. An AFWA membership is for an individual person, and therefore non-transferrable to other persons. Membership is recorded in the name of an individual not an organization. AFWA reserves the right to deny/or revoke membership. It is at the discretion of the board, if an AFWA member leaves an organization, and the organization paid for the membership, to decide to allow the remainder of that membership to transfer to another individual at the organization.